Silicone Rubber Gaskets


Silicone Rubber Gaskets can be found in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and have many different applications. These gaskets are popular in all types of industry that can include, the engineering industry, the aircraft industry, your building industry and the catering industry, to mention just a few. They are very commonly employed between several surfaces, where leaks of fluid or air must be contained. The surfaces are combined and the silicone rubber gasket is compressed which produces an excellent seal. In the case of silicone O rings where some motion are usually necessary, lubrication is very often achieved from the fluid being sealed. – Rubber Products Suppliers

Because of the properties of the silicone these gaskets may take on many forms such as;

o Mitre cut letter box shape
o Horse shoe shape
o O ring shape

Silicone has very versatile properties because of its ability to resist extreme temperatures, and moisture repelling qualities. It really is commonly used in adhesives, sealants, medical applications, cookware, insulation and lubricants. Silicones are polymers which are made from chemical elements and include oxygen, hydrogen and silicon.

Silicone has lots of useful properties plus some of these can include;

o Low toxicity
o Thermal Stability
o Water Repelling
o Good potential to deal with sunlight and oxygen etc.
o Non-stick
o Good electrical insulation

Silicone gaskets are mechanical seals used to prevent leakage between two surfaces. Gaskets usually require some type of compression, and therefore some extent of yield or some type of de-formation is required by the gasket. Silicone rubber gaskets are ideal for such applications. An O-ring for example is an extremely versatile form of silicone gasket, and is commonly used in all types of pipe-work and plumbing applications, and definately will even allow a small amount of motion between the two surfaces whilst efficiently sealing them.

Several types of silicone gaskets can include;

o Silicone gaskets
o Solid silicone gaskets ( widely used on metal closures)
o Sponge silicone gaskets
o Silicone foam gaskets (closely linked to sponge gaskets)
o Injection moulded silicone gaskets

Foam gaskets from the opened cell type can be used as dust seals or shock and vibration gaskets. Closed cell is principally used for environmental seals. – Rubber Products Suppliers


Silicone Rubber Gaskets